How were things German perceived by Americans during W
orld War I?

What was the impact of World War I on the lives of women and African-Americans?

What role did the Committee on Public Information play during World War I? What tactics did they employ to propagandize the American people into unquestionable support of the war of effort?

In what ways did the government use the Espionage Act and the Sedition Act to suppress criticism of the war?  What were the penalties for violating these Acts?

Who were the major targets of the Alien and Espionage Acts?

What other means of suppression were used by state and local governments as well as private groups?

Important court cases related to civil liberties.


During World War I, the American government was divided almost as heavily as it was during the Civil War.  However, this time it was internally on a matter of moral administration.  Propaganda printed by the government encouraged Americans to suppot the war for democracy.  Contradictorily, the government's repression of civil liberties on the homefront reached a level unseen since 1798.